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Computers repairs Montreal & Laval

We repair computers to be repaired in Montreal. Have the computer or laptop repaired at home Montreal, Computer repairer in Laval (onsite PC repair computer in Laval). Fast IT service: same-day emergency service. We have been repairing your computers for 19 years, thank you for your trust.

To repair all your desktop PC computers: SGXTECH has been at your IT service since 2005. We also offer an EXPRESS computer repair service, repaired the same day. We come to your home, home computer service (residential / commercial computer service) PC repair at the BEST PRICE in Quebec.

We offer computer repair service, On-site IT service over a vast territory, namely: Montreal Island, Laval, North Shore, Rosemère, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, St-Eustache, Blainville, Mirabel, Mascouche, Terrebonne, St- Jérôme, South Shore, Longueuil, Boucherville, Greenfield Park, St-Hubert, Brossard, La Prairie, Sainte-Catherine, Candiac, St-Constant.

We can repair your computer, no matter where you made the purchase (from us or elsewhere), no matter the brand (a clone, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, MSI, Lenovo, etc.). We offer a personalized computer repair service tailored to your needs. Our IT technicians can configure, protect and repair your computers. Get IT support when and where you need it.

We guarantee the quality of our work. We have configured and repaired tons of computers in our 19 years of experience. Computer repair, mobile computer technician (mobile repairer / mobile computer service), computer repairer Montreal, Laval, North Shore, Longueuil and South Shore. Contact us for an appointment.

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Fast computer repairs Montreal & Laval

On-site IT service

Your computer has a computer problem and you want to repair it? Don’t worry, our experienced computer repair team takes care of your PC computer of all brands.

Computer troubleshooting: computer won’t turn on, blue screen, forgotten password, overheating problem, excessive noise, no display on screen, Windows won’t start, virus infection, missing drivers, connection problem Internet, etc.

You haven’t backed up your data? Don’t panic, we will analyze the disk and save your data if possible. Our expertise in IT services will make your life easier.

PCs repairs Montreal

Repairing computer at your home
On-site computer repair service

Is your computer causing you problems?
Your computer won’t start, need PC repair?

Don’t wait any longer, we repair your computer at home, stay in the comfort of your home. Contact our mobile IT service. Our computer technicians will carry out hardware tests on the various components of the computer (hard drive, processor, memory, video card and power supply) in order to find the cause of your computer problem. Then, we will give you a detailed quote. Following your approval, we carry out the repairs as quickly as possible, so that you can enjoy your computer again.

We offer IT solutions adapted to your software or hardware problems. SGXTECH for all your IT needs in Montreal and surrounding areas. Call us, we will advise you on the different possible IT solutions available to you. Take full advantage of the technology available to you. With the help of our experienced IT support, everything becomes simpler.

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On-site computer service:  79$ / hour + travelling fee

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Computer repair IT service Montreal & South shore

Established in Montreal since 2005, we have repaired tons of computers for individuals and businesses with our wide range of IT services. Over the years, our clientele has grown and we have built a solid reputation.

We offer desktop computer repair, hardware upgrades, virus removal, data backup, PC configuration services or building a new custom PC computer.

Choose SGXTECH for unparalleled IT service, our IT expertise and our commitment to excellence guarantee you invaluable peace of mind. We thank you for your trust for 19 years.

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Computers repair PC service Laval & North shore

Our IT technicians are available to provide you with a suitable solution to your IT problems. We can quickly resolve problems with viruses, spyware, boot problems, overheating problems, forgotten passwords, BOSD (blue screen), email configuration, file backup, disk cloning, printer installation, hardware upgrade computing, reinstalling Windows operating system and much more. For IT service in Laval, contact us today : (514) 725-3838

expert at fixing PCs in Montreal

Diagnosing a broken computer

Your computer has broken down, you can’t determine the exact problem? Before you start replacing expensive parts, without being sure of the cause of the problem, it would be wiser to do a complete diagnosis of your PC.

After multiple hardware tests, we will explain in detail the condition of the components and we will offer you our recommendations so that you make an informed decision for your PC repair.

we repair PCs Montreal

PC tuning and optimization

If your computer has trouble starting up or is much slower than usual, take it to our expert repairers for a tune-up. You will thus be able to easily return to your work in a pleasant, more productive way and save precious time which you can devote to other passions.

Keep your computers up to date and running smoothly with the help of a computer repair expert.

Our mobile IT technician will be able to:
-Dust the inside of the PC and check the cooling system
-Update your operating system and optimize startup
-Repair registry errors
-Update antivirus or anti-malware software
-Perform security updates
-Delete temporary files to free up disk space

we can repair your laptop

Virus and malware disinfection

When viruses attack your computer, they can monitor your internet activity, lock your device and even access your personal financial records and create serious headaches for you. Leave it to our experts to remove them.

In the event of identity theft or a significant security breach, the safest solution remains a complete reformatting of the disk, followed by a reinstallation of the operating system (the latest revision in force), installation of patches security and installation of proven security software that provides real-time protection against viruses, spyware and malware, installation of a secure web browser (which blocks trackers).

technician fixing your OS

Formatting, reinstalling Windows

Restore your computer’s original performance. We format the hard drive and reinstall the latest revision of your operating system with all the drivers necessary for the proper functioning of your hardware.

In the workshop, our rate is advantageous, you do not pay for an hourly rate, but rather a fixed price.

we repair pc overheating issue

Overheating problem?

A computer’s ventilation system allows heat generated by electronic components to be evacuated. Too high a temperature can damage parts, reduce performance and even cause crashes. Clogged fans and dust accumulation are the main causes of a PC overheating. We recommend regular maintenance and an annual change of thermal paste to maintain optimal performance of your computer.

repairer testing and cleaning your PC hardware

Computer dusting

Dust is the main enemy of computers. Over time, it builds up in blocks and prevents air from circulating freely to dissipate the heat released. Additionally, dust clogs fans and radiators, causing expensive computer parts in your computer to overheat.

Regular maintenance is recommended, more if you have pets at home. All you need is a bottle of compressed air. However, if you delay in doing so, dust will stick to the walls and it will be much more difficult to accomplish the task of cleaning your computer.

Upgrade your CPU cooler

Our repairers can also change your cooling system. Instead of the original base cooler, opt for a Mega CPU Cooler (4x larger, quieter radiator) or for a liquid cooling system (watercooling). We also recommend changing the thermal paste at the same time.

Proper maintenance improves the durability of your computer. A well-cooled computer is a computer that will be able to perform at maximum performance without problem.

Upgrade your processor (CPU)

The processor is one of the most important elements of the system. It performs all the calculations and tasks of the computer. Its performance depends, among other things, on its clock speed (in GHz), its amount of cache memory, its number of cores and threads and its instruction set. Several models exist: Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9, etc. Speak to one of our advisors to find what you need.

adding memory computer solves many problems
Upgradez your memory (RAM)

If your computer is slow or a program takes a long time to run, low memory could be the cause. You may have seen some telltale signs. For example, reduced performance during ordinary tasks, or even “low memory” messages. By adding memory, pages will load faster as well as launch your applications.

replacing video card boosts your computer's performance
Upgrade your graphics card (GPU)

The graphics card greatly influences performance in games. Increase fluidity (frames per second FPS) by replacing your video card. We recommend nVidia products because of their better optimized and regularly updated drivers. Several models of video cards are available depending on your budget.

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